Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Well Well Well. Wasn't that stupid of me. Posted on the WRONG blog. Now how do I move that post to my other one??? Haven't a clue. May I say D@*m It.


Well, Kayla is back in Montana after a nice Christmas Vacation. She left here yesterday at 4:30 in the morning. It is hard to get used to her not being here and I think about her all the time.

4:30 am.......Instead if going shopping or out to lunch, yesterday, I cleaned the house. (got to use my nifty spiffy new Dyson : ) I think I will vacuum everday now cause it is fun - I guess cause it actually works. Did a ton of laundry (not so fun) and today I took Bailey to the dentist. 4 cavities. Lucky Bailey got white fillings. Lucky me only had to pay for silver. Woo Hoo. We had Jamba Juice for lunch.
It is just not the same.
I miss this...

Thankfuly, she left behind her "The Office" dvds and I will cheer myself up by watching these 2 goofballs.

I also have Wrinkles to follow me around all day.It was 85 degrees today. Just sayin.

Wrinkles misses you too.

That's all I got for today. Oh and Dylan went to baseball practice again today with Chris Graves.

: )

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Project 365 week 1

Day 1...Thursday Jan. 1.................
Made these cookies for the second day in a row. Kids friends came over. Everyone likes these except Christian who is alergic to peanut butter. (Made him cornflake/marshmallow wreaths)
Day 2........Friday Jan 2

Dylan went to cross country practice at 8am and I missed him about an hour after he's usually done. Sometimes he sits in the car and listens to music. I found him in the driveway..sound asleep.

Sat. Jan 3.........

We got SUCKED IN. Had no interest in Twilight when the books came out. Movie came out and Bailey went with friends. Asked for all the books. Shes on book 4.Me and Kayla and Brianna and her mom went to movie. Now want to read.

Sun. jan4.......

Our 20th anniversary. Got to drive an hour 15min to Cerritos to watch Dylan play baseball for the first time in 6 months. I LOVEd watching him play and am so happy he didnt quit forever.

Monday Jan 5

Took down all the ornaments from the tree. I had taken pictures this week of the whole tree and how beautiful it was but realized they wont work with this project. I will have to get used to taking mostly horizontal pictures. Same with Dylans baseball pictures.

Tuesday Jan 6........

This picture is of my computer screen. I have the weather in Simi, Bozeman, and Warren. And this is the first time since Kayla's been going to school there that Bozeman is actually warmer than here. And she is here. hahaha 40degrees - Simi, 43degrees-Bozeman 7:20 am

Wed. Jan 7....

Kayla and Brianna (in front of the tree with no ornaments) before going out to dance with friends.